How It Works

We lost the opportunity to watch our teams play in the tournament, but... we can still help them win in Census Brackets!

Where did the brackets come from?

Since there was no official set of brackets this year, we used Joe Lunardi's published Bracketology results to set things up. The extra 4 games were played out before the brackets were published, with Prairie View A&M, BostonU, Texas, and UCLA being eliminated.

How are games played?

We have identified the county in which each school lives and are tracking their Census Completion Rate (CCR). It is updated nightly on this site. On game day, after the update has happened, we compare each team's county CCR. However, we want to give credit to the great performance of each basketball team, so we give the team with the higher seed a "bump" in their rate. This bump is calculated by subtracting the seed numbers, dividing by 4, and adding it to the higher-seed team. Highest CCR+ wins!

How can I help my team?

Very simple. Your household should have received a letter in the mail from the 2020 Census with an online code to fill it out here. If you don't live in the county or you've already filled it out, you can still help! Rally your friends, family, and neighbors who haven't filled it out to do so.

Students, it's especially critical that you get counted. Because of the current crisis, you may be temporarily at home or elsewhere, but for the purposes of the Census, you should be counted at your campus residence. Some dorms and group quarters _may_ have already counted you, but please find out and complete a form yourself as needed.

When will the games be played?

Round of 64 games will be played on Friday, March 27th.

Round of 32 games will be played on Saturday, March 28th.

Sweet Sixteen will be played on Wednesday, April 1st.

Elite Eight will be played on Thursday, April 2nd.

Final Four will be played on Saturday, April 4th.

National Championship will be played on Monday, April 6th.